About Us

Fingo News is a UK-based service for retail investors providing real-time RNS company announcements. Subscribers can set up a bespoke “watchlist” of shares they own or are monitoring, and Fingo News will send them alerts whenever news about a share or company on their watchlist makes an announcement.

Get real-time RNS alerts and announcements directly on your iPhone and iPad with Fingo News, the provider of RNS announcements from all UK listed companies to investors on the go. Designed to sit alongside trading apps, Fingo News removes the clutter and provides a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to focus on the announcements.

Download now to start browsing RNS announcements and sign up to create your watchlist and start receiving RNS alerts.

Integrated with fingonews.com so you can view RNS announcements from you watchlist across all platforms.

Key features include:
*Create a watchlist to get a personalised RNS feed and RNS alerts.
*‘Quick preview’ for RNS alerts.
*Search for specific company news
*Filter announcements by category and FTSE 100/250
*Rotate for landscape viewing
*Call Broker feature within the announcement
*Fully integrated social sharing

Free accounts will have a delayed watchlist feed, subscribe to upgrade to real-time access.

Want to upload your current watchlist easily? Use our Excel spreadsheet up loader at fingonews.com

Click on this link to download the iPhone and iPad App from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/fingo-uk/id698081998?mt=8

Press releases

Never miss a company announcement with the new “on the go” share alert...

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Press Release • 02.05.2014 • By Fingo News